Style Girlfriend: Week in Review

Can you believe we’re halfway through December? No, check that, can you believe we’re two weeks away from 2012?

My friend Phil recently said he feels like 2011 was a set-up year, building the foundation for a bunch of great stuff to come in 2012. I hope he’s right. I feel like I’ve been laying a lot of groundwork in both my professional and my personal life, and it would certainly be nice to see that hard work pay off. What’s it called when you, like, pour cement down and then smooth it out? You know, with that tool that’s just a flat piece of metal the size of a shoebox with a handle? I feel like I’ve been doing whatever that is…with my LIFE.

All that to say, I’m anxiously pushing towards next Wednesday, which I’m technically counting as the end of my 2011, because that’s when I leave for Wisconsin and life as I know it pauses while I hang with my niece and apologetically adhere to a 10pm bedtime.

Meanwhile on the other side of town…*

Style Girlfriend this week saw readers starting their own blogs, pro tips on tags, and my continued confusion about how to dress in warm weather:

*One of my resolutions for 2012 is to use more jarringly out-of-context segues. I think it’s going pretty well so far.

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