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I think God knew what he was doing when he made me average height, because whenever I bother to put heels on (which is not often at all), I start thinking I’m the most badass bitch in the room. Standing at a modest 5’6” in my bare feet keeps my ego in check, which, I think we all can agree, is definitely for the best. Because I’m not nearly pretty enough to merit the supermodel stomp and ‘don’t look me in the eyes’ glower my tall shoes tend to give me.
The heels have, however, gotten me through the first sprint of Fashion Week. Freelancing at a beauty brand that’s making up the faces of half the models walking down the runway this season (at least it seems that way) has kept me crazy busy, but in a fun, ‘no one’s going to die if I don’t get this email out about a new eyeshadow shade in the next hour’ kind of way.

Things were similarly busy over on Style Girlfriend this week, with tux advice, loungewear polls and some shmancy new t-shirts:

  • Wedding style got some more attention with a reader asking about a tux for his big day
  • On Guyism, I broke down Valentine’s Day for the fellas, with a few shortcuts to ‘Best Boyfriend in the World-ville” which is an awesome place to visit if you’ve never been.
  • I rang the bell for Everlane, a new members only luxury t-shirt club, which is pretty much the best kind of members only club, if you ask me.
  • Grandpa chic! I polled the room on bathrobes for bros. Apparently, the loungewear staple has made its way from the greatest generation to, well, ours. Who knew?

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